Why use coding.blog?

Every blog needs to start somewhere right? Rather than the usual welcome to my blog I thought I'd write a little about:

linkMy Journey Till Now

My journey through software engineering started with a teacher called Mr Overend somewhere around 1988 (you were a massive early influence). He saw the potential in computing and encouraged a small group of us to learn the BASIC programming language on a classroom BBC model B. I remember making 8 bit sprites with an array of 8 x 8 bit numbers, encoding midi audio with a sequence of numbers, using a loop and keyboard input to make those sprites move around. I remember him trying to educate me on data structures and it stretching my 8 year old brain beyond what it was capable of. I finally remember doodling new sprites on an 8x8 grid and working out the numbers that would paint the picture. I used to rush through school work in order to get my hands on the computer.

BBC model B

From there I went through a mispent youth, on into art & graphic design until re-approaching computers with a CS degree around 19 years old. I bounced off this pretty hard and didn't really enjoy it. Too much maths, too much theory and not enough applying myself. A couple of years later I started again with a Cybernetics degree (thank you Dad for the nudge). Now this really hit the spot! University went from dry theory to applied programming, robotics, electronics, control-systems and the psychology of technology use.

Perhaps unusually, I'd not going to go into a lot of detail on my technical career. It can be summarised as:

linkWhy Here?

Sticking with the ethos of coding.blog though, I'm not here to sell myself or my career.

I'm here to enjoy writing about my love for coding, any little projects I have on the go and to pay my knowledge forward into the next generation of software engineers.

I really really like the mission statement of coding.blog (if that's what it is?)

1linkQuality. Articles. About. Coding.

I really like the blog authoring and publishing method too.

I hope the team accumulate minimal costs and can afford to keep the platform advert free.

Hero image by Heidi Fin from Unsplash

Hero image by Heidi Fin from Unsplash

My Journey Till NowWhy Here?

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